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In this article we hope to inaugurate a long and interested series of tips and tricks about use of web technologies and applications.

The problem that we face up today and that we have "lost" several hours of work, regards the anomaly found in the inclusion of the video (eg YouTube) in our website and display the video with the browser of Microsoft.
Some pc in fact, when the video was running a "normal" size (not fullscreen) was played only the audio and not the image, there was only a black screen.
Obviously, investigate what the cause of this behavior, taking into account the version of IE, the version of Flash Player and the parameters passed in url, as well as the way in which the video is embedded in the page, made us suffer a lot and that is the reason why we decided to publish here the solution to this annoying anomaly hoping that it may be helpful to other people.

We found the issue in one of our websites using the excellent video plugin (which we recommend to all and that obviously was not the cause of the problem ), that has the particular of show the video in sequence that it is configurable by the administrator in the backend of Joomla.
This the plugin for the inclusion of the video, uses the parameter wmode = transparent that allows you to add a layer "control" sull'iframe Video by specific Adobe is compatible since version 6 of IE. Then why on some PCs, regardless of the version of Internet Explorer and Flash, videos are displayed only when in full screen?

The arcane mystery is soon revealed and is linked to another parameter of Internet Explorer that says to the browser what kind the rendering engine to use. In all of the PCs in which we verified the fault was enough to tell the browser to use the software rendering rather than the GPU.

This is the procedure to follow to: Disable hardware acceleration

“Turn off hardware acceleration. To turn off hardware acceleration, open Internet Explorer for the desktop, tap or click the Tools button, and then tap or click Internet Options. Tap or click the Advanced tab, select Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering, and then tap or click OK. You must close and reopen Internet Explorer for changes to take effect.”

For those wishing to explore the question this is the link that explains step by step procedure to follow: # i = i-10

This type of settings solves the same problems related to displaying flash content taken from other sites such as the use of the service for displaying PowerPoint presentations made available from the site SlideBoom.

If this article was interesting useful please help us to share it so that it can also be useful to other people.

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